College Leadership

Robert S. DiPaola, M.D.
, Dean
Dean DiPaola oversees the entire medical school, which includes the education of future physicians and scientists, all clinical and basic science research, and the clinical services provided by UK physicians. Dean DiPaola also holds a faculty appointment as professor of Internal Medicine.
 > Contact: Anna Chalfant, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-6582

James W. Geddes, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Research
Alan Daugherty, Ph.D., D.Sc., 
Senior Associate Dean for Research
Dr. Geddes and Dr. Daugherty oversee the COM Office of Research that provides a complete range of services for stimulating research in a compliant environment.
 > Contact: Tanya Graf, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-3467

Charles H. Griffith, III, M.D., MSPH.
, Vice Dean for Education
Dr. Griffith oversees all aspects of the Office of Medical Education, including medical student admissions, student affairs, curriculum, student evaluation and program assessment; Graduate Medical Education; the Clinical Skills Training and Assessment Center; and the combined degree programs: M.D./Ph.D., B.S./M.D., M.D./MBA, M.D./MPH.
 > Contact: Renee Seidel, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-5261


Chris Feddock, M.D., MS, FAAP, FACP, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education
Dr. Feddock directs the Office of Medical Education, managing all aspects of the medical student education program.  He is guiding the next phase of medical student education for the College of Medicine, the Kentucky Integrated Curriculum, a competency-based system structured around Entrustable Professional Activities.  The Office provides the spectrum of student services from admissions to student activities to career and academic counseling.  The Office also provides support and guidance to course and clerkship directors in the development of innovative learning activities and assessment.
 > Contact: Dorcas Beatty, e-mail:; phone: (859) 257-5286

Roxanne G. Allison, CPA, CMPE, Associate CFO College of Medicine
Ms. Allison is the chief financial officer and the senior advisor to the Dean on all fiscal and administrative matters as well as mission related program development issues. Ms. Allison also serves as department administrator for the Department of Internal Medicine.
 > Contact: Michelle Harrison, e-mail:; phone: (859) 257-3620

Christy L. Anderson, MBAAssociate Dean for Administration
Ms. Anderson oversees the operational functions and administrative infrastructure for the College.  This includes oversight of the Integrative Business Units (IBUs) and special initiatives mandated by the Dean.  In addition, Ms. Anderson oversees College of Medicine facilities and space allocation in conjunction with the Senior Associate Dean for Research.

Brian Adkins, M.D.
, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Dr. Adkins oversees all student affairs activities and provides academic, career and personal counseling for medical students.
 > Contact: Renee Seidel, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-5261

Andrew Hoellein, MD
, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Dr. Hoellein oversees all student affairs activities and provides academic, career and personal counseling for medical students.
 > Contact: Renee Seidel, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-5261

Todd Cheever, MD, Associate Dean for Bowling Green Campus

Rebecca Dutch, Ph.D.
, Associate Dean for Biomedical Education
Dr. Dutch oversees all aspects of the Office of Biomedical Education, including programs for postdoctoral scholars,  COM graduate programs, and COM undergraduate educational efforts.
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Carol Elam, Ed.D.
, Associate Dean for Admissions and Institutional Advancement
Dr. Elam oversees the recruitment and admission of medical students, serves as director of medical education research, and develops and promotes the advancement of the institutional image for the UK College of Medicine. Dr. Elam is a professor in the Department of Behavioral Science.
 > Contact: Robin Rankin, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-6161

Katherine McKinney, M.D., M.S.
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education 
Dr. McKinney works collaboratively with all faculty and staff in GME to position our programs and sponsoring institution to excel in compliance with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Next Accreditation System (NAS) and the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) process.
 > E-mail:; phone: (859) 323-2636

Kevin A. Pearce, MD, MPH
, Associate Dean for Rural and Community Health
Dr. Pearce promotes UK's positive impacts on rural and community health promoting synergy between the selected unity to work toward shared goals of excellence in research, education and service.  Dr. Pearce also serves as Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine.  
 > Contact: Madeline Slimack, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-6418

John Ragsdale, M.D.
, Assistant Dean for Clinical Education
 > Contact: Amy Murphy-Spencer, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-1196

Michael L. Rowland, Ph.D.
, Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Dr. Rowland is responsible for developing, implementing, and assessing faculty development programs and overseeing professional development opportunities for faculty.
 > Contact: Deborah Reining; email:; phone: (859) 323-0237

Xianglin Shi, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research Integration
 > Contact: Xianglin Shi, Ph.D., e-mail:

Sandra Jaros, Assistant Dean of Administration
Ms. Jaros is responsible for directing the administrative operations of the College of Medicine. This includes such items as administrative process development, improvement, and enforcement. She also directs the information technology efforts for the College in conjunction with those of the UK HealthCare enterprise. Ms. Jaros is the department administrator for the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.
 > Contact:  Lissa Holland-Morris, e-mail:; phone: (859) 257-1446

Carlos Marin, Assistant Dean for Community and Cultural Engagement
Mr. Marin oversees UK’s Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program, which includes the Health Careers Pipeline Program, and provides guidance and support to regional AHEC directors. He also serves as the College’s primary representative in areas of community and cultural engagement. He collaborates with College of Medicine faculty and staff to continue implementation of initiatives to increase representation of students and faculty from rural and minority populations and assist students and faculty in identifying opportunities for community engagement. Additionally, he chairs the Dean’s Diversity Advisory Committee.
 > Contact: Carlos Marin, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-8018

Terry D. Stratton, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Assessment and Quality Management
Dr. Stratton coordinates evaluation and assessment activities within the College of Medicine – including test development/scoring and faculty/course/curricular evaluation. His office also oversees administration and scoring of the Clinical Performance Exam. Dr. Stratton is an assistant professor in the Department of Behavioral Science.
 > Contact: Terry D. Stratton, e-mail:; phone: (859) 323-2785

Anthony D. Weaver, M.D., Assistant Dean for Morehead Regional Site
Dr. Weaver oversees clinical experiences for third and fourth year medical students at UK’s regional site in Morehead, Ky. Dr. Weaver also serves as associate professor of Internal Medicine and Medical Director of the University of Kentucky Physician Assistant Program. 
 > Contact: Anthony Weaver, M.D., e-mail:; phone: (606) 783-8989