College Leadership

Robert S. DiPaola, MD — Dean

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Anna Chalfant
(859) 323-6582

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” William Osler

At the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, we have the privilege to educate future physicians and scientists in a transformational academic environment with innovative research and state-of-the-art patient care.

We are committed to serving the Commonwealth and beyond through the translation, application, and dissemination of research discovery; committed to enhancing diversity and inclusivity, to best provide education and care to an increasingly diverse local and global community; committed to innovative science and technology, to promote health and wellness with a deep community engagement; and, as indicated in the quote above by Sir William Osler, committed to efforts to understand the individual and the biology of each illness, with a more precise (or precision medicine) approach. [Read More]

Vice Deans

James W. Geddes, PhD

Vice Dean for Research

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Contact: Jennifer Steinman
Phone: (859) 218-4093

Charles H Griffith, MD, MSPH

Vice Dean for Education

Charles Griffith Profile Picture

Contact: Renee Seidel
Phone: (859) 323-5261

Senior Associate Deans

Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc

Senior Associate Dean for Research

Alan Daugherty Profile Picture

Contact: Tanya Graf
Phone: (859) 323-3467

Christopher Feddock, MD, MS

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education

Chris Feddock Profile Picture

Contact: Dorcas Beatty
Phone: (859) 257-5286

Associate Deans

Roxanne G. Allison, CPA, CMPE

Associate CFO

Roxanne Allison Profile Picture

Contact: Laura Rose
Phone: (859) 323-5203

Christy Anderson

Associate Dean for Administration

Christy Anderson Profile Picture

Contact: Laura Rose
Phone: (859) 323-5203

Todd Cheever, MD

Associate Dean for Bowling Green Campus

Todd Cheever Profile Picture

Contact: Penny Daniels
Phone: (270) 745-3411

Michael Dobbs, MD, SM

Associate Dean for Statewide and Clinical Initiatives

Michael Dobbs Profile Picture

Contact:  Shannon Grimsley
Phone: (859) 323-7404

Rebecca Dutch, PhD

Associate Dean for Biomedical Education

Rebecca Dutch Picture

Contact: Rebecca Dutch
Phone: (859) 323-1795

Carol Elam, EdD

Associate Dean for Admissions and Institutional Advancement

Carol Elam Profile Picture

Contact: Robin Rankin
Phone: (859) 323-6161

Andrew Hoellein, MD

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Andrew Hoellein Profile Picture

Contact: Renee Seidel
Phone: (859) 323-5261

Rick McClure, MD

Associate Dean for Medical Affairs

Rick McClure Profile Picture

Contact: Jennifer Steinman
Phone: (859) 218-4093

Katherine McKinney, MD

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Katherine McKinney Profile Picture

Contact: Becca Carmichael
Phone: (859) 323-2636

Michael L. Rowland, PhD

Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Michael Rowland Profile Picture

Contact: Deborah Reining
Phone: (859) 323-0237

Renay Scales, PhD

Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Contact: Laura Rose
Phone: (859) 323-5203

Xianglin Shi, PhD

Associate Dean for Research Integration

Xianglin Shi Profile Picture

Contact: Xianglin Shi
Phone: (859) 323-4054

Assistant Deans

Doug Andres, PhD

Assistant Dean for Research

Doug Andres Profile Picture

Contact: Doug Andres
Phone: (859) 257-6775

Andy Ayoob, MD

Assistant Dean for Educational Faculty Development

Andy Ayoob Profile Picture

Contact: Andy Ayoob
Phone: (859) 323-2410

Don Brown, DO

Assistant Dean of the Bowling Green Campus

Don Brown Profile Picture

Contact: Penny Daniels
Phone: (270) 745-3411

Angela Dearinger, MD

Assistant Dean for  Accreditation, Graduate Medical Education 

Angela Dearinger Profile Picture

Contact: Becca Carmichael
Phone: (859) 323-2636

Amy DiLorenzo, MA

Assistant Dean for Educational Scholarship and Innovation,  Graduate Medical Education 

Amy DiLorenzo Profile Picture

Contact: Becca Carmichael
Phone: (859) 323-2636

Deborah Erickson, MD

Assistant Dean for Preclinical Education

Deborah Erickson Profile Picture

Contact: Deborah Erickson
Phone: (859) 232-3831

Wendy Jackson, MD

Assistant Dean for Admissions

Wendy Jackson Profile Picture

Contact: Jodi Davenport
Phone: (859) 323-6161

Sandra Jaros

Assistant Dean of Administration

Sandra Jaros Profile Picture

Contact: Lissa Holland-Morris
Phone: (859) 257-1446

Michael Kilgore, PhD

Assistant Dean for Biomedical Education

Michael Kilgore Profile Picture

Contact: Michael Kilgore
Phone: (859) 323-1821

Michelle Lineberry, EdD

Assistant Dean for Student and Academic Success

Michelle Lineberry Profile Picture

Contact: Michelle Lineberry
Phone: (859) 323-5261

Carlos Marin

Assistant Dean for Community and Cultural Engagement

Carlos Marin Profile Picture

Contact: Carlos Marin
Phone: (859) 323-8016

Michael Piascik, PhD

Assistant Dean for Foundational Science

Michael Piascik Profile Picture

Contact: Michael Piascik
Phone: (859) 323-5107

John Ragsdale, MD, MS

Assistant Dean for Clinical Education

John Ragsdale Profile Picture

Contact: Amy Murphy-Spencer
Phone: (859) 323-1196

Elizabeth Seelbach, MD

Assistant Dean for Competency Assessment

Elizabeth Seelbach Profile Picture

Contact: Elizabeth Seelbach
Phone: (859) 218-1215

Asha Shenoi, MD

Assistant Dean for Learning Environment,  Graduate Medical Education 

Asha Shenoi Profile Picture

Contact: Becca Carmichael
Phone: (859) 323-2636

Terry Stratton, PhD

Assistant Dean for Quality Management

Terry Stratton Profile Picture

Contact: Terry Stratton
Phone: (859) 323-2785

Anthony Weaver, MD

Assistant Dean for the Rural Physician Leadership Program

Anthony Weaver Profile Picture

Contact: Lisa Knight
Phone: (606) 783-8993