Committee on Faculty Appointments, Appeals, Promotions and Tenure

Review the curriculum vitae and other required information in accordance with University Regulations on proposed appointments or nominations for promotions as submitted by Department Chairs and propose recommendations to the Dean.

Chair:  Boutros P. Sawaya, M.D., 2011-2017

Bezold, Louis, III, M.D., 2012-2018
Blalock, Eric, Ph.D., 2015-2018
Caudill, T. Shawn, M.D., 2010-2016
Gong, Ming, Ph.D., 2014-2017
Jicha, Gregory, M.D., Ph.D., 2014-2017
Mair, Scott, M.D., 2009-2018
Martin, Catherine, M.D., 2010-2016
Minion, David J., M.D., 2011-2017
Sawaya, Boutros P., M.D., 2004-2017
Schumacher, Mitzi, Ph.D., 2013-2016
Sloan, Paul A., M.D., 2011-2017
Spear, Brett, Ph.D., 2010-2016
St. Clair, Daret, Ph.D., 2011-2017