Medical Student Curriculum Committee

The College of Medicine Curriculum Committee ensures that students in the Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree learn the requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to progress to residency training. The Curriculum Committee functions in accordance with the LCME Standard 8.1 mandate that “an institutional body (e.g., a faculty committee) oversees the medical education program as a whole and has responsibility for the overall design, management, integration, evaluation and enhancement of a coherent and coordinated curriculum.” 

Staff Contact: Dorcas Beatty at 257-5286 or 




Feddock, Christopher, MD, Chair Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education Administration 
Ballert, Katie, MD Urology 2018-2021 
Chadha, Jagriti, MD Internal Medicine 2017-2020 
Chavan, Niraj, MD, MPH Obstetrics & Gynecology 2018-2021 
Clark, Claire, PhD* Behavioral Science 2018-2021 
Craven, Rolf, PhD Pharmacology & Nutritional Science 2018-2021 
Creamer, Trevor, PhD Biochemistry 2017-2020 
Dick, Sonya, PT, DPT Bowling Green Campus 2017-2020 
Gonsalves, Wanda, MD Family & Community Medicine 2014-2020 
Hessler, Amy, MD Neurology 2017-2020 
Higgins, Brian, PhD Microbiology & Immunology 2015-2021 
Jackson, Brian, PhD Physiology 2006-2020 
Cortney, Lee, MD Surgery 2018-2021 
Platt, Kristen, PhD Neuroscience 2017-2020 
Robbins, Susan, MD Pediatrics 2017-2020 
Sheppard, Mary, MD Family and Community Medicine 2017-2020 
Todd, Rebecca, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology 2017-2020 
Twist, Katie, MD* 

* elected member 
Internal Medicine 
Morehead Campus 
Northern Kentucky Campus