Medical Student Education

In the 2012-2013 academic year, the College of Medicine began the first phase of a two-year curricular revision which will result in a system-based curriculum focused on integrating the foundational sciences into the clinical context. This curricular revision is the result of a six-year planning process that brought together clinical and basic science faculty, students, and administration with the mission of creating a curriculum that will prepare our students to succeed in the complex world of medicine as leaders, problem solvers, team players, and lifelong learners.

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Graduate Education

Graduate training in the biomedical sciences at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine encompasses the Integrated Biomedical Sciences (IBS), Ph.D. degree programs, masters and certificate program, and training resources and opportunities for postdoctoral scholars and fellows.
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Graduate Medical Education (GME)

The GME office is charged primarily with handling the administrative aspects relative to house staff training and accreditation, while the individual programs are responsible for the clinical training. Thus, much of our site is devoted to information, forms and processes.
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Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CECentral provides health care professionals continuing professional development activities to increase knowledge, competence and performance levels for better patient-centered care, improved patient safety and enhanced clinical outcomes.
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Professional Education Preparation Program (PEPP)

The Professional Education Preparation Program (PEPP) was established to assist students from medically under-served areas of the Commonwealth of Kentucky who plan to pursue a career as a PHYSICIAN or DENTIST and who hope to return to their home county or similar area to practice. The program offers a unique and exciting opportunity to experience a college environment, clinical and hospital activities, and an exploration of careers in medicine and dentistry. 

PEPP II Brochure
PEPP Scholars Brochure

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