“Digitization of Medicine – A fundamentally different way of looking at life and disease”

Nov 6 2014 - 12:00pm
Pavilion A Auditorium
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Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series
King C. Li, MD, MBA
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Dr. Li's main research interest is in nanotechnology, molecular imaging and integrating imaging with tissue analysis for studying systems biology.  Dr. Li has a long track record of development of intellectual property and commercializing them as well as setting up and administering large clinical and translational research programs.  At Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Li co-founded and co-directed the Cellular and Molecular Imaging which operated the Small Animal Imaging Facility, the only core facility at the Clark Center, the home for the campus wide interdisciplinary Bio-X program.  During his time at Stanford, Dr. Li also obtained a Masters of Business Administration.  This knowledge base has served him very well as he assumed more and more administrative and financial responsibilities for different institutions.

From Stanford, Dr. Li was recruited to NIH to become the Chief of Radiology and Imaging Sciences and the Associate Director of the NIH Clinical Center, the world’s largest hospital dedicated solely to clinical and translational research.  At the NIH Clinical Center Dr. Li directed a multi-disciplinary team of over 200 people, a budget of about $30 million per year and was involved in many different projects, including the Molecular Library & Imaging and Nanomedicine Roadmap initiatives.  As the leading imaging expert at the NIH Dr. Li was also tapped to help develop the world’s first BSL-4 facility for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease at Fort Detrick.  From NIH Dr. Li was recruited to the Methodist Hospital in Houston when its relationship with Baylor School of Medicine was terminated.  The Methodist Hospital decided to start its own academic and research programs and Dr. Li was tasked with building a new academic radiology department and a new research program.  At the Methodist Hospital Dr. Li started a Molecular Imaging and Systems Medicine research program which integrates imaging phenotypes with molecular diagnostics to understand complex biologic systems and disease processes. 

In his new position at Wake Forest, he is the Senior Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Science, Director of the Translational Science Institute as well as the Division of Radiological Sciences and Professor and Chair of Radiology.  He is also the inaugural Wells Fargo Faculty Scholar, established via a $2.5 million grant for the recruitment of faculty whose research shows promise for generating significant intellectual property and regionally-based commercialization efforts.  With his extensive experience in molecular imaging and translational research Dr. Li is well qualified to be a co-investigator in this proposal.

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