Rotation Experience

The Administrative Fellowship offers the flexibility to accommodate the individual’s interests with exposure to a broad range of learning opportunities. The first year of the fellowship consists of required core rotations (one to three months in length). During the second year, responsibilities and assignments are primarily project oriented. Throughout the duration of the program, the fellow will be exposed to senior level decision-making processes and participate in team decision making to learn about the interdependent nature of colleges, departments, units and the Enterprise.

Year 1: Required core experiences:

  • Pre-Rotation-Orientation for observation and shadowing
  • Exposure to the day-to-day operations of an academic, tertiary care medical center through meetings to provide a system-wide perspective to understand our structure (hospital-based and ambulatory-based operations)
  • UK HealthCare Finance and general accounting functions (expected to attend financial closes)
  • Strategic Planning and System and New Business Development (Both hospital and College finance)
  • Quality Improvement, Safety and Lean Processes
  • Compliance and Contract Negotiations
  • Academic Department Administration (Clinical or Basic Science, Human Resources, Physician Practice Plan operations and Organizational Development)
  • Information Technology and Management in Business Operations

Year 2: Options for electives

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Customer Service and Behavioral Expectations
  • Service Line Patient Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Facilities planning
  • Exposure to governance and decision making
  • Infrastructure Systems and Procedures and Support Services
  • Basic and Clinical Translational Research
  • Kentucky Medical Services Foundation Practice Plan Administration (Board, Management and Medical Staff Meetings)
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Medical Education
  • Experience through work on various in-depth projects upon approval
  • Interim Managerial Experience upon approval and completion of core competencies
  • Area of individual interest (must be approved)

Core Competencies:

Administrative knowledge

  • Operational planning in multi-hospital settings, ambulatory services and academic settings
  • Demonstrate an ability to continuously improve processes and outcomes
  • HR processes including hiring, training, retaining and terminating employees
  • Understanding of costs, charges, income, revenue cycle, providers and payers
  • Role of Information Technology in clinical practice, education, administration and research
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Working with faculty including patient care providers and administrative colleagues
  • Directing the work of others
  • Customer service and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Exposure to decision-making and collaboration through projects and assignments


  • Demonstrate influence, empowerment and recognition of others
  • Build a broad range of healthcare management, administrative and leadership skills