Intussusception clinical pathway: a survey of pediatric surgery practices.

TitleIntussusception clinical pathway: a survey of pediatric surgery practices.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
JournalThe American surgeon
Date Published2014 Sep
AbstractTherapeutic reduction of intussusception by air or contrast enema may require surgery if the bowel is irreducible or perforates. There is no standard for the involvement of a pediatric surgeon in the workup of the condition. A regional survey of clinical practices was therefore undertaken to attempt to establish a consensus as to when the presence of a pediatric surgeon is required. Distributed to pediatric surgeons at 32 institutions, a questionnaire asked the process of imaging and reduction of infants with intussusception and the extent of pediatric surgical involvement. Surgeons at 29 institutions responded (91%). Ultrasound was used in diagnosis in 16 (55%), 13 (45%) requiring a positive ultrasound diagnosis of intussusception before attempting reduction. Three-fourths (22 [76%]) required surgeon notification that enema reduction was taking place, and one-fourth (seven [24%]) required prior surgical consultation. Only three (10%) required the presence of a surgery team member. Most (21 [72%]) did not demand one, and five (18%) indicated that surgical presence was desirable but not a necessity. There is no consensus for pediatric surgical involvement before and during reduction of an intussusception.
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