Markey Cancer Center Announces 2017 Research Day

Discover the latest advances in cancer research by submitting your abstracts and attending Markey Cancer Center Research Day on May 17, 2017.   For the eighth consecutive year, the Singletary Center for the...

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UK's New Institute for Biomedical Informatics Advances Data-Enabled Discovery

In the modern era of electronic medical records and increasingly sophisticated care, one of the greatest opportunities for health innovation and medical discoveries lies not in a lab or a clinic, but in data....

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Parkinson's disease research and treatment with Dr. Craig van Horne

Parkinson’s disease is a long-term, progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. An estimated seven to 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s. The symptoms for the disease...

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Gretchen Wells Talks Hearts, Books & Kentucky Women

Dr. Gretchen Wells writes a lot of prescriptions and orders a lot of tests. But she says the most rewarding thing she dispenses is hope.As director of Women's Heart Heath at UK HealthCare's Gill Heart...

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Behind the Blue Examines Women's Heart Health With Dr. Gretchen Wells, Gail Cohen

February is American Heart Health Month, and this past Feb. 3 marked the 14th annual National Wear Red Day for Women. It’s a day designed to call our attention to recognizing heart disease as the No. 1 killer...

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'Gill Goes Red' Shares Treats and Tips in Celebration of Heart Month

Kate Breeden closed her eyes as she took a bite, trying to concentrate on the flavors of the food she was sampling. "Well, it's definitely a brownie," she said, "but I have no idea what the mystery ingredient...

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DanceBlue Community Cuts Ribbon to Open New Pediatric Cancer Clinic at Kentucky Children’s Hospital

With a sailboat full of toys, murals of blue skies over the sea and a lighthouse illuminated with all colors of the rainbow, the new $1.6 million DanceBlue Kentucky Children's Hospital (KCH) Pediatric...

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Williams Speaks at First International Conference of Hospital Medicine in Taiwan

During a recent trip to Taiwan, Dr. Mark V. Williams, director of the Center for Health Services Research (CHSR), had the opportunity to share his expertise as a hospitalist and researcher with colleagues in...

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Fighting Substance Abuse by Empowering Incarcerated Women

Michele Staton-Tindall grew up in rural Appalachia during a time when people felt so safe they didn’t even lock their doors at night. The ensuing drug epidemic that now ravages her former home has dramatically...

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NCI Director Meets with Markey Researchers, Faculty during Special Visit

Dr. Doug Lowy, interim director of the National Cancer Institute, recently visited the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center, continuing a dialogue on Kentucky cancer disparities following Lowy's visit...

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Patient Care, Research and Community Service Unite Around Rare Disease

In 2015, identical twins Gardner and Jon Wes Adams, then in their mid-20s, both nearly died when their hearts suddenly stopped beating. The incidents happened months apart, but the cause was the same: Brugada...

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Orthopaedic Research Helps Patient Regain Mobility and Grow as a Nurse

Working as a bedside nurse requires extensive physical effort — pushing wheelchairs and beds, twisting and lifting, and long periods on your feet. Jennifer Thomas, who's been a nurse at UK HealthCare for six...

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Promising Results in UK Clinical Trial Moves Opioid Therapy Closer to Market

A multi-site clinical trial led by researchers at the University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol Research (CDAR) has demonstrated the effectiveness of CAM2038, a potentially transformative buprenorphine...

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Norton, UK Partner on Clinical Trial for First-Ever Treatment of Radiation Necrosis

Radiation therapy saves countless lives, but in rare cases, it can cause a debilitating, long-term complication when used on the brain. Around three to five percent of patients who receive radiation for brain...

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"Gill Goes Red" Event Features Treats and Prizes

In February, institutions around Lexington will celebrate Heart Month with activities that promote healthy habits such as exercise, smoking cessation, stress reduction and improved diet. UK HealthCare's Gill...

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UK Pediatrician Contributes to Peanut Allergy Recommendation Reversal

The rate of Americans suffering from food allergies, including a life-threatening peanut allergy, has dramatically increased in the past few decades. Peanut allergies are the leading cause of death caused by...

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