Adding Images to Pages

  1. While you are in edit mode, scroll down to the 'image' section. (For instructions on how to enter edit mode on a page click here.)

  2. Click on 'Choose Files'. It may say 'browse' or something similar depending on your internet browser. Also double check and make sure that it says 'Image' above, and not 'Files'. There is another 'Files' section for uploading documents that looks very similar.
  3. It should bring up a box that will allow you to choose an image.
  4. After you have chosen your image click on the upload button.
  5. Then to the right of 'Style' choose automatic. 

  6. In the body, click the blink cursor wherever you want it to show up.

  7. Go back down to the image section and click insert.

  8. It should now appear where you put the cursor

  9. If you want it to be beside the text, click on the align right, or align left buttons in the tool bar above while the image is selected.