Adding and updating files (PDFs, Powerpoint, Word files etc.)

  1. In edit mode, scroll down until you see the file section. (For instructions on how to enter edit mode click here)

  2. Click on choose files (It may say 'Browse' or something similar depending on your internet browser)
  3. Once your file is chosen click 'Upload'
  4. You should then see your file listed in the file section like so

  5.  Right click on the file name in blue and select 'Copy Link Address'. It may say 'Copy Shortcut' or something similar instead depending on your internet browser.
  6. If you want to update a file already present on the page, right click on the link to the file in the body, and choose 'Insert/Edit Link'. If you want to create a new link, highlight a word or phrase that you would like to link to it and then right click and choose 'Insert/Edit Link'
  7. A box should pop up that contain an input box labeled 'Link URL' . Erase what is present in that box and right click and paste. (Or control+v)
  8. Click okay and save.

Note there is an alternate way to insert a link to a file.
You could type a word or phrase into the input box labeled 'Description' and click insert. It will then paste a link to the file with the name you entered wherever you left your cursor in the body.