Pressure-dependent attenuation in ultrasound contrast agents.

TitlePressure-dependent attenuation in ultrasound contrast agents.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
JournalUltrasound in medicine & biology
Date Published2002 Aug
AbstractAlthough microbubble contrast agents are believed to respond differently under different driving-pressure amplitudes, few studies have been performed to extensively study the pressure-dependence of their properties. In this paper, attenuation coefficients of two contrast agents (Optison and Definity) were measured under different driving-pressure amplitudes using a narrowband incident pulse. The attenuation of both contrast agents was found to increase with increasing driving pressure. Simulations using the Rayleigh, Plesset, Noltingk, Neppiras, Poritsky (RPNNP) equation were performed to study this behavior. Simulation results show that significant harmonic generation at high driving-pressure amplitudes contributes to the higher attenuation. Other possible explanations for this behavior were also examined. Attenuation coefficients of two contrast agents were also measured using a broadband method. The results showed great inconsistency when the center frequency of the incident broadband pulse was changed, indicating that broadband techniques may not be suitable for contrast-agent attenuation measurements.
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Short TitleUltrasound Med Biol