Promoter methylation and expression analysis of Bvh gene in bulls with varying semen motility parameters.

TitlePromoter methylation and expression analysis of Bvh gene in bulls with varying semen motility parameters.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
Date Published2019 Feb
AbstractCrossbreds of low-producing indigenous cattle and high-producing exotic dairy bulls (Holstein Friesian and Jersey) have contributed in ensuring that India continues to be the world's top milk-producing country. However, subfertility observed in crossbred male progenies has been a major obstacle in exploitation of heterosis due to crossbreeding. There is sufficient scientific evidence in support of genetic and epigenetic regulation of key physiological processes including spermatogenesis. Bovine Vasa Homology (Bvh) is considered a molecular marker for the study of gametogenesis. Significant negative correlation between DNA methylation and gene expression has been reported in cattle-yaks hybrids and their parents. The present study analyzed promoter methylation status and expression profile of Bvh gene in spermatozoa from exotic Holstein Friesian cattle, indigenous Sahiwal cattle and their crossbreds with varying semen motility parameters. The degree of methylation of the Bvh promoter region was significantly higher in poor motility crossbred bulls (13.3%) as compared to good motility crossbreds (5.3%), Sahiwal (3%) and Holstein Friesian bulls (1%) (P < 0.05). Gene expression analysis revealed significantly higher mRNA abundance of Bvh in purebreds (Holstein Friesian and Sahiwal) as compared to crossbred counterparts (P < 0.001). Inverse correlation observed in this study between promoter methylation and gene expression of Bvh gene in spermatozoa from crossbred bulls with poor motility phenotype as compared to purebred parents provides an important insight into understanding the graded fertility of crossbred bulls.
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Short TitleTheriogenology