Updating your COM Web Directory Profile

Step 1.  Login to the College of Medicine web by scrolling to the bottom of the COM web and clicking "Login".  

Step 2.  Use your LinkBlue ID and password - do not include your domain.

Note: you may see a "page not found" error upon successfully logging into the site.  You can ignore this, as the black bar across the top (shown below) indicates you have successfully logged in.

Step 3.  After logging into the web, you will see a black header bar with your login name on the right.  Click your Login Name to go to your profile page.

Step 4.  You will now be at your profile page.  To edit the contents, click on the "Edit" tab.

Step 5.  Your profile editing screen consists of several areas.  Some data has been pre-populated from SAP and the UK Campus Directory.  Your main affilitation has also been made with your primary department from SAP.  If this appears incorrect, please use this link to submit a change request.  This data can be updated to include current information that you wish to be available to the public, including a photo.  

If you have PubMed Publications that you would like to appear on your profile page, visit the research tab and enter your PubMed Query.  Note: Once you enter your PubMed Query and save the profile, it may take a few days for the system to download your entries.  You can visit later to hide any entries that you do not wish to be visible. 

For Step-by-step directions on adding your PubMed information, see the article "Adding PubMed Publications to Profile Page".