David Preston, MD

Bio / Education: 

Medical School
Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, TX

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC

Board Certification
American Board of Urology

Surgical Interests
Urologic oncology
Urology prosthetic surgery

PubMed Publications: 

  • Bylund, J.R.;Gayheart, D.;Fleming, T.;Venkatesh, R.;Preston, D.M.;Strup, S.E.;Crispen, P.L. "Association of tumor size, location, R.E.N.A.L., PADUA and centrality index score with perioperative outcomes and postoperative renal function." The Journal of urology 188, 5 (2012): 1684-9. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
  • Schlake, A.;Crispen, P.L.;Cap, A.P.;Atkinson, T.;Davenport, D.;Preston, D.M. "NMP-22, urinary cytology, and cystoscopy: a 1 year comparison study." The Canadian journal of urology 19, 4 (2012): 6345-50. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
  • Pavlik, E.J.;Nelson, K.;Gallion, H.H.;Nagell JR, J.;Donaldson, E.S.;Shih, W.J.;Spicer, J.A.;Preston, D.F.;Baranczuk, R.J.;Kenady, D.E. "Characterization of high specific activity 16 alpha-123I Iodo-17 beta-estradiol as an estrogen receptor-specific radioligand capable of imaging estrogen receptor-positive tumors." Cancer research 50, 24 (1990): 7799-805. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
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