Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
Scottie R Bentley Center on Drug and Alcohol Research Targeted Assessment Specialist
Jenny B Berelson Family and Community Medicine Health Education Coordinator at the Department of Family and Community Medicine
Rolando Berger, MD Internal Medicine Special Faculty, Fellowship Program Director
Jonathan C Berger Surgery Assistant Professor K 301 Kentucky Clinic, 740 S. Limestone, 40536-0284 859-323-4665
Joseph R Berger Neurology Regular Faculty
Andrew C Bernard, MD Surgery Professor of Surgery, Paul A. Kearney MD Endowed Chair in Trauma Surgery, Section Head, Acute Care Surgery, Trauma and Surgical Critical Care 859-323-6346
Dana Bernard Staff Nurse Clinical I/UKHC
Philip Bernard Pediatrics Clinical Faculty 800 Rose Streeet, MN464A 859-257-3964
Jessica Lynn Berry Internal Medicine Clinical Services Technician I/UKHC Gill Heart Institute
Deidra Beshear, MD Internal Medicine Clinical Faculty
Avinash S Bhakta, M.D. Surgery Assistant Professor 800 Rose St
Meenakshi A Bhalla, M.D. Internal Medicine Associate Professor 800 Rose St
Staci Bhalodi Surgery Advanced Practice Provider III/UKHC 800 Rose St
Amul Bhalodi, MD Urology Instructor, Urology Fellow MS276C, Medical Science Bldg 859-257-3533, 859-257-6024 Fax
Prasad Bhandary Pediatrics Clinical Faculty 138 Leader Avenue
Kennedy Francis Carol Bic Internal Medicine Clinical Services Technician I/UKHC Kentucky Clinic (859) 323-0079
Alyson Noel Binder Center on Drug and Alcohol Research Targeted Assessment Specialist CDAR
Guoying Bing Neuroscience Professor, Regular Faculty
Whitney Blair Bingham Center of Excellence in Rural Health Community Health Worker 153 Richmond Road
Hillary Birch Obstetrics & Gynecology
Corey Ryan Birch Psychiatry Counselor Staff Senior/UKHC 3470 Blazer Parkway (859) 492-1478
Robyn E. Birch Internal Medicine Staff Nurse/Ambulatory/UKHC Pediatrics
Janice Bishop Internal Medicine Staff Nurse Clinical I/UKHC
Jacob Andrew Bishop Pediatrics Residents HQ101 Chandler Medical Center
Susie Bishop, MBA Internal Medicine Administrative Staff Officer I/UKHC K510, Kentucky Clinic 859-323-5640
Gregory Jaye Bix Sanders-Brown Center on Aging/Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Neuroscience Regular Faculty
Dianna Lynne Black Emergency Medicine Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC
Greta Black Anesthesiology Nurse Anesthetist/UKHC Medical Center
Trina L. Black Obstetrics & Gynecology Patient Relations Associate/UKHC 800 Rose Street
Shari Lane Black Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinical Services Technician I/UKHC
Kari J. Blackburn Pediatrics Advanced Practice Provider I/UKHC Kentucky Clinic South
Peter J. Blackburn, MD Ophthalmology Clinical Faculty E307 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
Jessica Blackburn Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Assistant Professor BBSRB B147 (859) 323-9770
Beverly Blackburn Community Health Worker 59 Cowtown Rd Hindman, KY 41822 606-785-3175
Belinda S. Blair Internal Medicine Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC Kentucky Clinic