Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
LAWITT4's picture Lisa A Witt
  • Abstractor Coordinator Senior Regional
JWI265's picture Jennah Rhea Wittenbarger Internal Medicine
  • Clinical Services Technician I/UKHC
Gill Heart Institute
APWO226's picture Andrew Wodrich MD/PhD Program
LMWO225's picture Lavella Marie Wofford Urology
  • Clinical Services Technician/UKHC
800 Rose St
EMWO222's picture Erin Wolf Horrell MD/PhD Program
kwo227's picture Kate Wolf, Ph.D. Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
  • Research Faculty
MN 458A 859-218-4027, 859-218-4026
CJWO222's picture Charlsey J. Wolfe Internal Medicine
  • Medical Records Clerk/UKHC
tlwo226's picture Tamara L Wolfgang Internal Medicine
  • Reg Dietitian Consultant/Amb/UKHC
740 S Limestone
lwo222's picture Lesley Wong, MD Surgery
  • Professor of Surgery
  • Division of Plastic Surgery
  • Director, Plastic Surgery Residency Program
K446 Kentucky Clinic 859-323-1293
CMWONG2's picture Man-Ying Catherine Wong Internal Medicine
  • Adv Pract Provider II/Nights/UKHC
Kentucky Clinic
jpwo226's picture Jeremy P Wood, Ph.D. Cardiovascular Research Center, Internal Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
741 S. Limestone, BBSRB B359 859-323-4708
PLWO222's picture Pamela L. Wood IBU - Medical
  • Coding Associate/UKHC
two227's picture Theresa Woodard IBU - Medical
  • Coding Assistant/UKHC
900 South Limestone 859-323-37-73
mawo224's picture Margaret A Woodcock IBU - Medical
  • Coder Senior/UKHC
JRWO228's picture Jinny Rae Woodcock Psychiatry
  • Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC
1350 Bull Lea Road 859-246-8025
pslech2's picture Pamela Sue Woods Medical Student Education
  • Project Manager III
Office of Medical Education 859-323-6827
eajaco2's picture Emily Woods CV Imaging Research Team
DAWO225's picture Delores Anita Woods Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Clinical Services Technician III/UKHC
800 Rose Street
bbwo222's picture Beth Naylor Woods Internal Medicine
  • Advanced Practice Provider I/UKHC
800 Rose St
aljohn0's picture Andrea L Woodson Center on Drug and Alcohol Research
  • Nurse Research Coordinator
jwood1's picture Jerold Woodward, Ph.D. Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
  • Regular Faculty
  • Co-director, Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring Core Facility
  • Member, Markey Cancer Center
MN 426 859-323-5538
ade286's picture Alison Woodworth, PhD Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Associate Professor
  • Director - Core Clinical Laboratory
  • Director - Clinical Chemistry
  • Director - Point of Care Testing
HA 601
cdwo223's picture Charles Woolum
dmwo222's picture Dylan Woolum Obstetrics & Gynecology 859-323-4687
MWWOOT2's picture Marilyn J Wooten
  • Quality Assurance Coord Sr
DKWO222's picture Douglas Wooton Kentucky TeleCare
paclar00's picture Paula Ann Works Emergency Medicine
  • Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC
skwr222's picture Sonja K Wright Internal Medicine
  • Medical Records Clerk/UKHC
740 S Limestone
BWRIG5's picture Betty Wright Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery
  • Patient Relations Assistant III/UKHC
rdwrig2's picture Raymond D. Wright Jr., MD Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine
  • Kentucky Clinic - Trauma
  • Trauma Fellowship Program Director
  • Assistant Professor-Clinical Faculty
Kentucky Clinic, 740 S. Limestone, Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic, 1st Floor, Lexington, Ky 859-323-5533
MJWRIG2's picture Merry Jan Wright Internal Medicine
  • Patient Services Coordinator/UKHC
DWRIGHT's picture Diane E Wright
  • Staff Support Associate II
JMWROB0's picture Joanne M Wroblewski Cardiovascular Research Center
  • Scientist III/UKHC
jwu242's picture Jianrong Wu
  • Professor
800 Rose St
ywu225's picture Yadi Wu, Ph.D. Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences
  • Assistant Professor
  • Markey Cancer Center
BBSRB363 8593234589