Adding and Removing Files

To add files to a page, you will need to make sure you are logged in and editing the page—visit this page for instructions.

Underneath the Body section of the page, you will see a File upload area (green box).

Click the "Choose Files" button to open a window where you will be able to search on your computer for the file. Once you have selected it, you can hit the Upload button. You will then be able to edit the "Style" of the file for the page. We recommend choosing "Link to file" and then clicking the "Insert" button. This will place a link on your page directly to the file. NOTE: Whatever you enter into the "Description" field will be the text used for the link when you insert the file.

You can always edit your page and remove the link from the Body section if you no longer want the file to be available. We recommend also, after deleting the link in the Body section, scrolling down to the File section and clicking the Remove button. This will make sure the file no longer is stored in the system.

If you need any assistance, please get in touch!