Admissions Committee

  1. Recommend policies, requirements and procedures for admission to the College of Medicine for first year students and those for advanced standing in the educational program for the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
  2. Evaluate the qualifications of applicants and recommend those selected for admission to the Dean of the College of Medicine.
  3. Evaluate the various tools, criteria and procedures used in the process of appraisal and selection of applicants; study the trends of applications and admissions to medical schools locally, regionally and nationally; engage in recruitment activities and such other appropriate steps as may be useful in obtaining highly qualified medical students who also may be representative of diverse social and cultural backgrounds.
  4. Participate, as may be appropriate and feasible, in visits to other colleges and universities, in conferences relating to admission, in career day programs and in other appropriate activities related to recruitment and admissions.
  5. Coordinate and guide the activities of faculty members and students who serve as interviewers of prospective students; receive and evaluate interview reports and recommendations of interviewers as a source of information on the suitability of prospective candidates.

 The College of Medicine Admissions Committee has the responsibility and final authority for accepting students to the medical school who possess the intelligence, integrity, and personal and emotional characteristics to become competent physicians. 

Staff Contact: Robin Rankin or Jodi Davenport at 323-6161 




Saunders, Rachel, MD, Chair Obstetrics & Gynecology 2016-2019 
Luftman, Virginia, PhD, LCSW, Vice- Chair Psychiatry 2011-2020 
Caudill, Shawn, MD Internal Medicine 2016 - 2019 
Chisti, Aftab, MD* Pediatrics 2018-2021 
Demos, Jon, MD Urology 2018-2021 
Baldwin, Lauren, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology 2015-2021 
Gonsalves, Wanda, MD Family & Community Medicine 2016-2019 
Hardcastle, Sam, MD Bowling Green Campus 2017-2020 
Hassan, Zaki, MBBS* Anesthesiology 2017-2020 
Hoellein, Andrew, MD Internal Medicine 2015-2021 
Neltner, Janna, MD Pathology 2016-2019 
Obeng, Kwaku, MD Diagnostic Radiology 2013-2019 
Park-Sarge, Ok-Kyong, PhD Physiology 2017-2020 
Pienkowski, David, PhD Orthopedic Surgery 2015-2018 
Piascik, Michael, PhD Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences 2016-2019 
Rankin, Michael, MD Community 2017-2020 
Ritchie, Rosalind, MD Anesthesiology 2018-2021 
Seay, Thomas, MD Diagnostic Radiology 2018-2021 
Simon, Robert, MD Psychiatry 2010-2019 
Wallace, Carmel, MD 

 * elected member
Morehead Campus 
Northern Kentucky Campus 

Student Members 

Theodore Huerta M4 Student 
Sibi Rajendran M4 Student 
Haley Wehder M4 Student 
McKenzie Wyatt M3 Student 
Rahul Annabathula M3 Student 
Caleb Fligor M3 Student 


Carol Elam, EdD Office of Medical Education 
Wendy Jackson, MD Office of Medical Education 
Susan Smyth, MD, PhD Internal Medicine - Cardiology