Biomedical Education Curriculum Committee

Previously known as: Basic Science Sub-Committee (of the Curriculum Committee) 

The BioMedical Education Curriculum Committee ensures that proposed COM-led courses and programs at the graduate (Ph.D. and Master's) and undergraduate level are appropriate in content for the discipline and level involved; that the courses and programs fit with college and university needs, and that course management and evaluation are appropriately addressed. 




Howard Glauert, PhD Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences 2018-2021 
Sarah D’Orazio, PhD Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics 2018-2021 
Nathan Vanderford, PhD, MBA Toxicology and Cancer Biology 2018-2021 
Alexander Rabchevsky, PhD SCoBIRC 2016-2019 
Brian Jackson, PhD Physiology 2018-2021 
Joe Springer, PhD PM&R 2013-2019 
Jian Fu, PhD Toxicology and Cancer Biology 2018-2021 
Rebecca Dutch, PhD Biochemistry 
Chris Feddock, MD Office of Medical Education 
Michelle Lineberry Office of Medical Education