Creating a Front Page Hero

The section at the top of College of Medicine websites is called a Front Page Hero.

You can create multiple Front Page Heros and, as people visit the site, they will be displayed intermittently (note: they do not work like a marquee that slides through multiple items—these only change if the page is refreshed or visited more than once).

To create a Front Page Hero, make sure you are logged into the site and, on the gray bar that appears at the top, click on "Add Content." Then click on the link for "Front Page Hero."

Fill in the "Front Page Hero" bar at the top with a title for your hero. This will only be displayed for you in the content window, so name it something that relates to the content you're highlighting (e.g., New Student Feature).

You will need to upload an image for the hero (note: you can only use one, you must upload an image for the hero to appear, and it is recommended you use a high-quality, high-resolution image). Select the image file from your computer and select upload to add the image.

You can add "featured" links underneath the hero image. We recommend at least two and no more than four. For the "title" of each link, put the text you want to be seen on the link button that will be under the image. Then, put the web address for the link in the "URL" box.

You can also place a caption over the hero image. Use the Hero Caption Title, Hero Caption Text, and Hero Caption Placement boxes to put in this information. If you would like to link to a page from the caption box, put the web address in "Hero Caption Link."

Once you have verified all your information is accurate, you can save your Front Page Hero. To view the hero, go to your website's homepage (note: you might have to refresh the page a couple of times if you have multiple Front Page Heros).