Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome to the College of Medicine’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI). The work of educating and training highly qualified physicians and researchers to serve Kentucky and the nation cannot be done without considering the ways in which our identities impact how we navigate our hallways, classrooms, laboratories, clinical settings, and the world around us.

The work of our office is done in collaboration with faculty, staff, and learners across the college; the Office of Institutional Diversity; UK HealthCare; offices, centers, and colleges across the University of Kentucky; and the broader Lexington and regional campus communities. 

ODEI is led by Stephanie White, MD, associate dean for diversity and inclusion. 


To cultivate an environment that is representative, equitable, and welcoming for faculty, staff, and learners across the College of Medicine and contributes to the growth and development of advocates for change


We will advance the College of Medicine’s vision to engage in transformative research and provide exceptional education that improves the health and wellness of Kentuckians and beyond by providing intentional initiatives that promote and maintain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment


Guiding Definitions


Diversity refers to the richness of human differences: socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, geography, disability, age, and individual aspects such as personality, communication and learning styles, and life experiences (cognitive diversity).

Source: AAMC 2014


Equity is the guarantee of fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all students, faculty, and staff, while at the same time striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups. The principle of equity acknowledges that there are historically underserved and underrepresented populations and that fairness regarding these unbalanced conditions is needed to assist equality in the provision of effective opportunities to all groups.

Source: UC Berkeley Center for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, “Glossary of Terms” (page 34 in 2009 Strategic Plan).


Inclusion refers to active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity. Inclusion is achieved by creating climate and culture within the institution that fosters belonging, respect, and value for all and encourages engagement and connection throughout the institution and community 

Source: AAMC 2014

For more diversity, equity, and inclusion terms and topics, visit racial equity tools.

Demographic Information

The Diversity and Engagement Survey was an initiative driven by the College of Medicine Strategic Plan to accurately depict the diversity in the college. The graphic below represents qualitative data from our 2019 survey.