Editing Your Profile

Editing your College of Medicine profile is a very simple process—just follow the steps below! There is a lot of information that you can provide and update on your profile, but the guide below focuses on the most frequently used sections. If you have questions about your profile, please contact comtech@l.uky.edu.

1. Go to your Department or Center website, or the College of Medicine homepage. Scroll to the bottom of the page (to the footer section) where you will see a "Login" link (underneath the College of Medicine logo).

2. When you click the Login link, you will be presented with a page where you need to enter your username and password. Use your LinkBlue account information.

3. After logging in, you'll be viewing your profile page. You should see an "Edit" option right above your picture. Clicking this will allow you to edit the different sections of your profile.

4. The first option you will see is the ability to upload a photo for your profile (or change it to a new one if you already have one). Go ahead and show the world your smile!

5. The Basic Info tab will allow you to update important information like the way your name is displayed on the website ("Display Name") as well as your email address, office number, and phone number.

6. The Professional tab has a section for you to list your job title as well as providing a brief bio. We suggest keeping this short and sweet—think of it as a general introduction to the who, what, and why of your work at UK. There are places available on the Research tab (see below) for adding more detailed information about publications, research topics, etc. Finally, if you would like to upload a copy of your CV, there is an option. NOTE: Please do not edit the "Other Affiliations" or "Interests / Specialties" sections. If you see information there that needs to be changed, get in touch. This section is used for determining where your profile shows up on our website, so we want to make sure it stays accurate!

7. The Research tab is where you have the opportunity to get very detailed about your work. There is an option to automatically pull and display any PubMed articles you have (see this tutorial for more information). There is also a section for you to manually enter any publications or other articles you have written that you would like to feature (especially if they are not in the PubMed system). Finally, in the Research Description section you can add a longer description of your interests, specialties, or anything else that relates to your field.

After finishing these sections, scroll down and hit the Save button to update your profile with all the new information. You're all done!