Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
fascom's picture Frederick A. Schmitt, Ph.D. Sanders-Brown Center on Aging/Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
  • Professor, Department of Neurology
312 Sanders-Brown (859) 218-3850
dsc223's picture Douglas Schneider Pediatrics
  • Clinical Faculty
nesch's picture Nancy E. Schoenberg, Ph.D. Behavioral Science
  • Regular Faculty
372 Healthy Kentucky Research Building 859-323-8175
srsmal2's picture Sarah Schuetz, MD Internal Medicine
  • Clinical Faculty
800 Rose Street
eesc228's picture Erin Schuler, PhD Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
HA 612
mtzjhns's picture Mitzi M Schumacher Behavioral Science
  • Regular Faculty
129 Medical Behavioral Science Building (859)-323-6075
dnsc222's picture Daniel Schwartzberg, MD Radiology
  • Assistant Professor of Radiology
800 Rose St
dssc224's picture David S Schweer Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow
800 Rose Street Lexington, KY 40356 (859) 323-5553
tmse222's picture Thomas Marion Seay, MD Radiology
  • Assistant Professor of Radiology
800 Rose St
ebseel0's picture Elizabeth B. Seelbach, MD Pediatrics, Medical Student Education, Lexington Campus
  • Clinical Faculty
  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics
800 Rose Street (859) 218-1215
eseeley's picture Ellsworth C Seeley Family and Community Medicine
  • Post-Retirement Faculty
mese223's picture Michael Sekela, MD Surgery
  • Professor of Surgery
  • Chief, UK Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
laselb0's picture Lisbeth Selby, MD Internal Medicine
  • Associate Professor
MN649 WM R WILLARD MED ED BLDG Clinic: (859) 323-0079, Academic Office: (859) 323-4887
jselb0's picture Jeffrey B. Selby, MD Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine
  • Joint Reconstruction and Spine Clinic
  • Associate Professor-Clinical Faculty
  • Chief of Joint Reconstruction
Good Samaritan, Orthopaedic Spine and Total Joint Services, 125 East Maxwell Street, Suite 201, Lexington, Ky, Kentucky Clinic, 740 S. Limestone, Orthopaedic Clinic, 1st Floor, Lexington, Ky 859-323-5533
mse285's picture Maj-Linda B. Selenica, PhD Sanders-Brown Center on Aging/Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry
424 Sanders-Brown (859) 218-3859
pse236's picture Parijat Sen, MD Internal Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
740 S. Limestone St L543
clshaf2's picture Carrie Shaffer, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Science
Office: 435 Gluck Equine Research Center Office: (859) 218-1168
sssh222's picture Syed S Shah, M.D. Internal Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St
mbsh222's picture Malay B Shah, MD Surgery
  • Associate Professor of Surgery
K 301 Kentucky Clinic, 740 S. Limestone, 40536-0284 859-323-6017
mmsh246's picture Mansi M Shah-Jadeja, MD Surgery
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St
ssall0's picture Sara Shahid Salles D.O. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Faculty
Good Samaritan Hospital 310 S. Limestone Suite A100A, Cardinal Hill 2050 Versailles Rd Good Samaritan For Appointments 859-257-3573, Cardinal Hill For Appointments 859-367-7141
cpshaw0's picture Charles Shaw, DO Family and Community Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
2195 Harrodsburg Rd STE 125
ash363's picture Angela M Shaw, MD Pediatrics
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St
sqi223's picture Qing-Bai She, Ph.D. Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences
  • Professor
  • Department of Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences
  • Markey Cancer Center
HKRB 417 859-323-2851
shedlof's picture Steven Shedlofsky, MD Internal Medicine
  • Professor
MN649 WM R WILLARD MED ED BLDG Clinic: (859) 323-0079, Academic Office: (859) 323-4937
lesh230's picture Lila E Sheikhi, MD Neurology
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St
nrsh226's picture Nathan Shelman, MD Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
MS 116
bjshel2's picture Brent J Shelton
  • Regular Faculty
cish222's picture Charles Shelton, DO Psychiatry
  • Assistant Professor, Eastern State Hospital
ansh227's picture Asha N. Shenoi, MD,FAAP, FCCM Pediatrics, GME Administration
  • Clinical Faculty
800 Rose Street, MN478 (859) 323-1305
anaker2's picture Ashley Akers Shepherd Center of Excellence in Rural Health
  • Instructor
750 Morton Boulevard
meburc2's picture Mary B Sheppard, M.D. Family and Community Medicine, Cardiovascular Research Center
  • Assistant Professor, Family Medicine and Surgery
741 S. Limestone St., BBSRB 247, Lexington, KY 40536-0509
jshin3's picture Jennifer Shinn, PhD, CCC-A, F-AAA Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery
  • Associate Professor
  • Chief of Audiology
  • Director of Newborn Hearing
740 South Limestone, C300, Lexington, KY 40536-0284 (859) 257-3390
aash222's picture Alicia Ann Shirakbari Emergency Medicine
  • Clinical Faculty
rcfi223's picture Robin Shoemaker, PhD