Gifts at Work

The gift of this scholarship is both generous and inspiring. Your support for my medical education represents an investment; I mean this not only in the financial sense of the word, although that of course is one significant component. In addition, I consider your investment to be an investment of trust. A trust that I, along with all the other scholarship recipients of this medical school class, will honor. I will strive to make the most of my years here at the University of Kentucky. Along with this solemn pledge, this scholarship carries with it a strong sense of reinforcement and support. It is deeply satisfying and humbling to realize that there are people who I have never even met before who have staked so much to help me in my path toward a career as a physician. For this I deeply thank you.

As I reflect on this scholarship, I recognize that my life is not the only one that is being affected by this gift. In medical school, we are taught not only a body of scientific knowledge, but also the character and conduct of being a physician. Regardless of whether we remember or forget the many particular facts we learn during these four years, we will always hold with us the ways and manners in which doctors speak and act toward patients. These lessons with remain with us throughout our professional careers. Thus, your generous gifts truly touches upon not only our lives, but the lives of all the future patients we will see in the years to come. I am sure you made this same consideration when you decided to support the College of Medicine and its students. For this, I thank you for both your foresight and your extraordinary generosity.

Gray M. Browning, M.D. '84, left a lasting legacy of support for current and future medical students through his planned gift. Read more about Dr. Browning's generous gift here.
Winston Li, Class of 2014 Lexington, Ky
BA in Psychology, Wake Forest
Recipient of the Dorothy and Edwin Munich
Memorial Scholarship.