How is an Olympian's Heart Different?

It's common knowledge that exercise is good for our muscles. Regular workouts help tone the muscle we have and build more muscle on top of that.But the heart is a muscle too. When you exercise, your heart "...

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'Healthy Hearts for Women' Spotlights Cardiovascular Research

In a society that values gender equality, it's important to remember that there are differences between the sexes that directly impact health.One area in critical need of further study is cardiovascular health...

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Markey Launches Precision Medicine Clinic, Expands Catalog of Early Phase Clinical Trials

In its ongoing efforts to offer Kentuckians the latest, most innovative cancer treatments available, the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center recently launched the Precision Medicine Clinic, a new space...

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Olympic Team Doctor Now Serves Patients at UK HealthCare

Every four years, people around the world gather around the television and spend two weeks watching a lifetimes worth of work play out. For the hundreds of athletes that comprise Team USA, the result of their...

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Join 'Markey Women Strong' to Advance Cancer Research at UK

The Markey Cancer Foundation invites you to take an active role in furthering life-changing cancer research at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center through the Markey Women Strong program.Markey...

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Markey Cancer Center Research Day - May 9th, 2018

Markey Cancer Center Research Day is a single-day event showcasing current cancer research projects throughout all disciplines at the University of Kentucky. For the ninth consecutive year, the event is being...

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UK Orthopaedic Surgeon Selected for Prestigious Fellowship

Surgeons aren't often chosen to participate in the John N. Insall Traveling Fellowship the first time they apply for consideration, but that wasn't the case for Dr. Stephen Duncan, assistant professor of...

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William Stoops Explores the Psychology of Drug Addiction

One undergraduate psychology course changed William Stoops' life.Originally Stoops planned to major in French, but after taking more psychology classes and getting involved in intensive, hands-on research, he...

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UK Bootcamp Team Member Headed to Innovation Competition in Chicago

The Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship(VACE), part of the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics, announced that one of its Fall 2017 Bootcamp teams, OptiMol Enzymes, has been...

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Wonder Women: Young Scientists Help Confirm Presence of Breathing "Ghost Network"

According to a paper recently published in Cell Reports, labs from Case Western Reserve and the University of Kentucky's Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center (SCoBIRC) were able to demonstrate the...

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UK College of Medicine Receives Prestigious Grant to Investigate Vascular Disease

The American Heart Association has awarded a University of Kentucky and Baylor University research partnership $3.7 million to study aortic disease.UK and Baylor were one of four teams nationwide to receive...

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Abstracts, Mentor Nominations Being Accepted for CCTS Spring Conference

Abstracts and mentor nominations are now being accepted for the 13th Annual Spring Conference of the University of Kentucky Center for Clinical and Translational Science. Abstracts are due Monday, March 5, and...

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UK Medical Students Open New Eye Clinic at the Salvation Army

The opening of a new ophthalmology clinic at the student-run University of Kentucky College of Medicine Salvation Army Clinic was "a culmination of people saying we can do this," said Dr. Julia Stevens,...

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Employee Calls Free Fitbit Opportunity a 'True Benefit'

More than 7,000 University of Kentucky employees, retirees and spouses have purchased a Fitbit through UK's recent promotion. It is just one way the university is helping the community improve their well-being...

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Registration Now Open for the Third International Neurogastronomy Symposium

Registration is now open for the third annual International Society of Neurogastronomy symposium, which will be held at the University of Kentucky on March 2-3, 2018. Both day's events offer continuing...

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Mice with Frequent Flyer Miles Advance the Alzheimer's Cause

Alzheimer's disease wreaks emotional havoc on patients who are robbed of their memories, their dignity and their lives. It’s financially devastating as well: care for Alzheimer's patients is predicted to top $...

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