Scholarship Support

Competition among medical schools for highly qualified students is intense and as the cost of medical education continues to rise, the availability of financial aid is often a determining factor in a student's choice. Scholarships provide flexible funds for the Dean and Scholarship Committee to invest in the recruitment of qualified students. These funds help ensure that the University of Kentucky will be competitive in attracting the best students while enabling current students to make the best choices for the medical careers, based on their interests and talents, and not their financial limitations.

In the 2010-2011 academic year, 46 percent of medical students received a scholarship and/or financial aid award ranging from $600 - $79,553.  The average debt for the Class of 2011 is $148,156.

Medical student Jerome Manson (right) is coated by
Gary Lehr, M.D. '88, during the Class of 2014's
White Coat Ceremony.
Olivia Ringo serve as student ambassadors during
the 50th Anniversary Signature Event.