Student Progress and Promotions Committee

The Student Progress and Promotions Committee (SPPC) is charged with monitoring students’ progress, promotion and graduation in the Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree program. The committee regularly reviews each student’s performance and makes recommendations to the Dean of the College of Medicine on such actions as graduation, promotion, remediation, dismissal, and leaves of absence. 

Staff Contact: Brendan McCarthy or or 




Kristy Deep, MD, Chair Internal Medicine 2009-2020 
Ricki Goldstein, MD Pediatrics 2017-2020 
Fritz Lower, MD Pathology & Lab Sciences 2017-2020 
Stefan Kiessling, MD Pediatrics 2018-2021 
Beth McNulty, MD Otolaryngology 2018-2021 
Melinda Wilson PhD Physiology 2020-2021 
Keisa Fallin-Benett MD Family & Community Medicine 2015- 2021 
Mark Wurth, MD, PhD Pediatrics 2017-2020 
John Yanelli, PhD Microbiology & Immunology 2018-2021 


Berry Seelbach, MD Office of Medical Education 2018 ending 
Helen Garces, MS Office of Medical Education 
Andrew Hoellein, MD Office of Medical Education 
Michelle Lineberry, EdD Office of Medical Education 
Alan Hall, MD Office of Medical Education